Udvalgte kunder & CV





Speech at Aarhus Town Hall - Aarhus Town Hall Art Association, Aarhus

Exhibition "Atelier DavidBreadHead" at DavidbreadHead, Aarhus

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8 meter mural for Obton, Aarhus

DM Festen 2022 work, Aarhus City Hall

Mural Hammel Kulturhus InSide



Window decoration Brillegalleriet, Aarhus

Works at David Breadhead, Aarhus

Work made with inputs from 60 children's drawings

4 day workshop - Randers Art Museum and Visit Aarhus, Randers

Canvas exhibited at Randers Art Museum - Randers Art Museum and Visit Aarhus, Randers

Workshop and decoration of Boddum Ydby Free School, Ydby

Artist of the Year 2022 in Aarhus - Aarhus Town Hall

Print in support of Aarhus United women's handball, Aarhus

"Mærk Aarhus" front page, Århus Stiftstidende

4 prints In collaboration with Street Coffee, Aarhus


16 meter mural Aalborghus Gymnasium, Aalborg

Auction for the Red Cross

Private orders

Decoration of SLUISHUIS 134 works of art, letters and numbers - Bjarke Ingels Group, Amsterdam

Canvas for the Brillegalleriet, Aarhus

Works of art at Restaurant Galåre, Aarhus



"Migfulness" and "Hero" coffee cup

"Dad Rocks" and "Mom Rocks" tote bag

Printself piece, Digital cut

Private orders

Ceramic plate for Støt Brysterne, Aarhus

Workshop, Jutland

Tv2 East Jutland, Interview

Print for Danish Refugee Council


Private decoration in apartment, AARhus Bjarke Ingels Group, Aarhus

Skateboard decoration, Privately owned Aarhus

Decorating a surfboard, Copenhagen

Canvas for energy company, Aarhus

Canvas for ScanReach, Bergen Norway

Canvas and print, The Jutland Crafts School



Collaboration with Mødrehjælpen and Irma - print in support of Mødrehjælpen

Portraits made from input from followers

This year's poster for Children's Aid Day

Private orders

Mural for the exhibition "Hello Denmark", Danish Architecture Center

First Go Card postcard “Hello Denmark”, Danish Architecture Center

Piece In Architectural Digest Magazine

Opens atelier HOLLYWOOD, Højbjerg

Coromance corona mask for MASK LAB


Canvas for Bet25, Aarhus

Canvas for Vesterlauget, Aarhus

Canvas for Valcon, Stockholm

Canvas for Bernth and Co, Aarhus

Window decoration Brillegalleriet, Aarhus

Canvas 150x150 cm privately owned, Copenhagen



Works for Greve Gymnasium

Pieces for Odense Light Rail

Workshop for Science Expo

Workshops x 5

Coloring book

Artwork given to Barack Obama

Christmas calendar - Her Go Det Good podcast

Private orders

Canvas for Culture and Civic Services - Aarhus Town Hall

Front page "Culture" Jyllandsposten


Mural Z Huset, Aarhus

Decoration Gullestrup Bridge

Window decoration Troelstrup, Copenhagen

Decoration of window section Stadion Alle 52, Aarhus

5 decorations of entrances AARhus Bjarke Ingels Group, Aarhus

Private decoration in an apartment, AARhus Bjarke Ingels Group, Aarhus



"The future past of tomorrow" group exhibition in Riga for EUNIC and the Danish Cultural Institute

Denmark National Bank 200 year anniversary posters

Work for Scandic Kødbyen

Works for Nordeafonden and Ungdomsøen - Folkemødet


Mural Valcon Copenhagen

Works for Ewalds Bistro - Frederiksberg

Decoration of the Royal Suite, Hotel Marriott, Copenhagen



First 3D drawing

Private booking Taipei - Taiwan


Window decoration, Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen

Window decoration, cocktail bar, Copenhagen

Murals for Aarhus Business College

Mural Gol - Norway

Murals - Bjødstrup Secondary School

Window decoration, Odense Light Rail - Odense

Works for the city's fence - Odense



Private commission - New York City

Exhibition, Vesterbro - Copenhagen

Work for Cirkus Summarum magazine

Exhibition "Update" for the Danish Architecture Center


Decorating a spade for groundbreaking - AARhus, Bjarke Ingels Group

Decoration of Aarhus Airport



Skateboard - Soleclub Denmark

Shoe decoration

Workshop for Randers Art Museum

Exhibition - Skagen

Work for Teatret Møllen - Haderslev

Works for Aarhus Cycle Path - Aarhus

Work for Mejlgade for Diversity

Donation to "Anderledes Afrika" - Aarhus Efterskole

Exhibition at Radar - Aarhus

Street Art - London


Mural, Reuse - Aarhus

Window decoration, Rotterdam - The Netherlands

Decoration, Aalborg Student course - Aalborg

Mural for Bjarke Ingels Group, New York City

Sculptures for Engsøens Children's House - Kolding, Lunderskov

Decoration, Burger Bar - Aarhus

Decoration Paderup High School



Private orders, Rabbit-skin glue and pigment on linen canvas

Solo exhibition Minimum - Aarhus

Calendar with Bookbinderiet Aarhus

Street Art - Berlin

Work for the Randers Kunstmuseum "101 homes" exhibition

Work for Summer Chill Out - Aarhus

Glass for Nørrebro Bryghus, Skuespilhuset. The Royal Theater and the Opera


Krabbesholm High School, Skive

Private apartment Lighthouse - Aarhus Ø

Decoration of Nørrebro Bryghus, Nørrebro - Copenhagen

Street Coffee - Aarhus

Work on container for Myway Festival - Randers

Decoration Aalborg high school - Aalborg

Decoration, Center 10 - Aarhus



Clothes - Butler Loft

Group exhibition Jægergårdsgade - Aarhus

Solo exhibition Lyrum Rammer - Aarhus

Workshop for Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium and HF

Street Art - London

Group exhibition - Funen

Work for Summer Chill Out - Aarhus

T shirts


Decoration Cutting School - Cutting

Murals - Aarhus and Hasselager

Decoration, Theater Svalegangen - Aarhus

Decoration Store Kongensgade - Copenhagen

Decoration KAFFE, Istedgade - Copenhagen

Decoration Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium and HF

Decoration Silkeborg High School



Piece for Street Coffee - Aarhus

Decoration - Copenhagen