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Light Blue Gentleman - A3 size

Pris 600,00 kr

Screen print by Mormor - 2020

This print is a hand pulled silkscreen print made at Le Raclet Printing Studio in Berlin


1 layers of real painting - Light Blue on white Fedrigoni paper  

Made on 250 g. Fedrigoni paper


Edition of 90 in total



Signed and numbered by Mormor with pencil 


For the nerds - The technique behind a silkscreen Print: 

Serigraphy is the oldest form of printing (960-1279 AD) and originates from Asia. It is a printing method for producing images on a variety of materials by forcing color through a frame of silk fabric.

The silk contains the desired image, while the rest of the frame is covered. That’s why it’s called screen printing.

During the actual printing, the paint is placed in the frame and pressed through the image in the silk. From here, the pressure is applied to the paper. A wooden strip with a rubber edge (a squeegee) is pressed back and forth over the silk under light pressure to ensure a complete and sharp print.

Each layer of painting has it’s very own frame so if an image has for example two colors that means two frames and two times handling the paper before the piece is done.